Live Sketching at CAPS – April 2017

CAPS (the Comic Art Professional Society) had its April meeting yesterday, and we had a live model sketch night. I should have taken a photo of our model, just for comparison. For me, such evenings are great, because I don’t often get the opportunity for drawing, especially not from life. It always makes me feel a bit insecure, because I don’t spend as much time practicing with artwork.

First we did a series of one minute sketches.






It was good to be stretched doing sketches.


This one above, I wanted to get a better rendition of her eyes. Not sure I got what I wanted.

We had more time with the remaining sketches.




The lower right corner on this sketch was me trying to work out the way her curls worked. She had rolled her hair in a unique fashion, so they were a little challenging to capture just right.

The last sketch of the evening was a five minute sketch. Below is the result. I didn’t want to fuss with it more because it felt right just as it was.


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