Work in Progress – Zoe Alone: Part 3

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This is actually an extension of the previous post. I liked the original color sketch for itself, but it didn’t quite suit what I want for the comic story. So I did a second sketch. And this was more in line with what I’ve been thinking of for the style. (This is a photo of the sketch, not a scan, and the following Photoshop versions are messing with the photo.)

scribblerworks zoe storm sketch 5

So, I decided to check out the Daub filter and see what that got me. Which was this —

scribblerworks zoe storm daub

This intrigued me, but wasn’t quite what I wanted. And it makes the colors lighter than I want for the dark night scene. So I tried the Fresco filter.

scribblerworks zoe storm fresco

This I liked. Mostly. But it changed the tone on the “hot” colors around the lightning bolt. Hmmmm. So I tried the Watercolor filter.

scribblerworks zoe storm watercolor

I rather like this one, and it may be what I use in the end. But out of curiousity, I also tried the Palate Knife filter.

scribblerworks zoe storm palate knife

I sort of like the way the colors blur here. But I’m not sure it would work for all the panels. Decisions, decisions!

In the meantime there were two other filters that I tried out just for fun. I don’t intend on using them for the project.

Here you have the Stained Glass filter —

scribblerworks zoe storm stained

And then there’s this thing called the Glowing Edge filter. It really amuses me, and I’m going to have to find SOMETHING to use it on!

scribblerworks zoe storm glow edge

All in all I think it was a profitable day of considering things.


sartorias – Nov. 9th, 2010

I do like those clouds!

scribblerworks – Nov. 9th, 2010

I was really happy with how they turned out, and will keep this tryo sketch at hand when I start working on the actual page.

eldritchhobbit – Nov. 9th, 2010


scribblerworks – Nov. 9th, 2010

Thank you!

The possibilities in Photoshop are intriguing me.

I know people who do art totally in Photoshop, manipulting effects to build up an image. And I know people who use it with various drawing programs, and do “standard” art entirely in the programs.

But for me, I’m having fun thinking of ways of taking my “standard” hard-copy made artwork a step further for interesting effects.

The one thing about computer art, though, is that for the finished product there is no unique “original” object. This is of concern for artists, who sell originals to make a living. If it’s on the computer, there is no unique original to sell – only prints. I suppose one can sell prints to buyers (actually, I have bought such), but it’s still not the same.

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