Shading By Crosshatch

scribblerworks-2016-inktober-3-copyWhen it comes to pen-and-ink work, I often call myself the “Queen of Stippling.” All those little dots! But I find that I can often get a great deal of subtlety in shading with stippling. So yesterday for the Inktober project, I thought I would give crosshatching a try.

Day 3 of Inktober I decided to try crosshatch on a portrait, and chose Robert Taylor, the star of Longmire as my model. He has an interesting face.

This was done freehand from a picture online – no tracing, no lightbox.

Going for the rustic feel, I chose brown ink rather than black.

It’s not perfect, but considering I’m a bit out of practice on portraits, I’m content with it.

About Sarah

Now residing in Las Vegas, I was born in Michigan and moved to Texas when 16. After getting my Masters degree in English, I moved to Hollywood, because of the high demand for Medievalists (NOT!). As a freelance writer and editor, I found Nevada offers better conditions for the wallet. I love writing all sorts of things, and occasionally also create some artwork.
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